Alan's List

You've heard of "Angie's List" - well, here is "Alan's List" - local at heart, created just for you!  It is with pleasure I refer you these fine Tucson service providers for your property, and yourself - (Alphabetized by service offered -  the service providers are in no particular order) No warranties or guarantees here, just what my experiences have been over the years either directly, or, what clients have mentioned to me if they have utilized these people.  Please let me know if you come across a wrong number, a company that went out of business, or someone that went bad - I'll remove them from the list ~ We all very much appreciate your feedback and suggestions, thank you! 


Adobe Repair: 

Adobe Master    (520) 331-4004
Roy Spears runs a great operation, knows the business
cold, repairing adobe bricks, sealing, etc.  Honest,
well priced and reliable! 

Alarm Companies:

ADT  (888) 549-7396
Larger, Nationwide company, one of the 
larger providers here in Tucson.

Central Alarm  (520) 882-8142
Local alarm company in business over 50 years.

Young Alarm  (520) 322-5387
Local alarm company in business over 25 years.

Animal Control:

Arizona Animal Experts   (520) 531-1020
Marc runs a great company, reasonable and 
reliable.  Safely got a raccoon out of a chimney!

Buzzing Best Farms  (520) 870-4971
Mark runs a great company, reasonable and 
reliable.  Specializes in bee hive removal.

Appliance Repairs:

Rosano's Appliances   (520) 325-8344
Sales and Service of appliances,
Family owned, centrally located.
Repairs, haul-away, sales of good
used appliances, these guys are great!

Mel's Appliances  (520) 620-1131
Fast and reliable, works on all kinds 
of appliances.

Victor's Appliances and Repair  (520) 623-9590
Fast and reliable, works on all kinds 
of appliances.

K & B Services      (520) 885-3768
Works on all kinds of appliances,
indirectly comes highly recommended.


Ira Gold           (520) 290-6116
Tons of local Tucson experience!

Julie Burdick  (520) 733-7244
Tons of local Tucson experience!

Jeff Buzek      (520) 323-9800
Tons of local Tucson experience!

Carlos Jacome     (520) 349-6651
Tons of experience, greater Southern Arizona!

Ken Brown  (520) 318-6000
Tons of local Tucson experience!

Bruce Smith  (520) 323-9800

Tons of local Tucson experience!


Broadway Carpet   (520) 296-8533
Howard Leber In business many years, excellent
service, super reliable, high quality flooring products 
of all kinds, not just carpeting!

Pro One Floors (520) 886-2772
Long time in the business, good tile selection, 
wood floors too.  Formerly Castle Flooring.

The Floor Guy   (520) 400-8627

Miguel Monroy does great work installing

and refinishing hardwood floors!  Local, has

years of experience.  

Sean Kelly Hardwood Flooring (520) 850-6283

Custom installations, sanding, finishing, repairs and
maintenance on wood flooring.  Excellent, lots of 
local experience!

Rogo's Finishing Touch  (520) 295-1818
The gold standard of colored polished concrete flooring
but offer the full range of flooring!

Zona Decorative Concrete (520) 591-1904
Alternative to Rogo's, Mac Hicks will put you together
with colored/polished concrete flooring.  Recommended
by Howard Leber of Broadway Carpet.

Cimaco Floor Service  (520) 747-0129
Jeff runs a great company, reasonable and 
reliable.  Great for a quick polish over your 
worn polished concrete floors or a big job!

Seabreeze Carpet Cleaning  (520) 546-2104
In business many years, good and reliable.

Tucson Carpet Cleaning (520) 327-8326
JD runs a great company with great results! 

Sunrise Carpet Cleaning  (520) 747-0798
Indirectly comes very highly recommended!  

Aztec Chem-Dry (520) 881-1263
Indirectly comes very highly recommended!

Magical Touch Carpet Cleaning  (520) 904-0799
Indirectly comes very highly recommended!


Dale's Doors (520) 623-9874
Retail outlet located on Kino Parkway, reasonable prices, 
custom doors...Indirectly comes very highly recommended!


Flynn Electric  (520) 398-5328
Professional, reliable, reasonable, owner
Mark Flynn has an excellent handle on the 
business.  Tons of experience and very 

Bob Blizzard the Electrical Wizard (520) 235-4697
Reasonalble and Reliable, 30 years experience, 
Bob explains the process better than just about 
anyone and his experience is evident.  Service calls, 
emergencies, solar electric, estimates, contract work.

Tanque Verde Electric    (520) 940-1752

Rob Thomson runs a great organization that has

been around locally for decades.  Very reliable

and knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Day Star Electric(520) 321-4261
Roger Larriva in business for decades, great
explanations, easy to work with, quality jobs 
be they small or large, reliable. 

Ron Larson Electric  (520) 991-0089

Good solid company, Ron is trustworthy,

knowledgeable and very reasonable!

United Electric  (520) 888-9635
Steve is very reliable, good knowledge, 
gets the job done.

Environmental Issues:

Environmental Strategies  (520) 884-1114 
Asbestos, mold and lead abatement and 
remediation, long-time local company.

Titan Restoration of Tucson  (520) 888-4826

Quick service to mitigate flood/fire/storm damage.

Haul aways, Odor removal, asbestos and mold

remediation, water extraction, board ups, etc.

Servpro  (520) 219-2858

Fire & water damage cleanup and restoration,
24 Hour emergency service.

Abracadabra Restoration  (520) 323-3261
Restores water and fire damage, removes
mold, etc.

Asbestos Analytical (520) 323-7644
Local company tests your samples for 
asbestos... quick, easy, reasonable!

Escrow / Title:

Title Security Agency  (520) 319-9207
Donna Canalia is an excellent Escrow/Title Officer and 
has many years experience.  Well run operation! Located near
Alvernon and Country Club.

Title Security Agency  (520) 901-4406
Dina De La Ossa is an excellent Escrow/Title Officer and 
has many years experience.  Is Bi-lingual, fluent in both 
Spanish and English!  Located on Broadway near 
Tucson Blvd. 

Title Security Agency  (520) 299-4606
Lori Balsino is an excellent Escrow/Title Officer and 
has many years experience.  She is thorough and 
organized, a pleasure to work with!  Located near 
Sunrise and Hacienda del Sol. 

Title Security Agency  (520) 297-2576

Cindy Baker is great, has been doing title/escrow forever,
right here locally the whole time.  Located near Ina & Oracle.

Fireplace Repair, Chimney Sweeps:

Carson's Power Vac (520) 722-1871
Chimney sweep, chimney caps/spark arrestors, duct cleaning, 
rain gutter cleaning.  Very reliable, quick and reasonable!  

Arizona Grill and Hearth   (520) 623-0924

Great company repairs fireplaces

Garage Door Service:

D & B Garage Doors, Inc.  (520) 325-9620
Great company, Brad is a real professional and prices 
are reasonalble.  Local company serving Tucson since 1986!

A-Authentic Garage Door Service Co. (520) 740-1050
Good, trustworthy company knows what they are doing, 
reliable and efficient!

Able Garage Door  (520) 971-9222

Tim Hale has a great handle on the business, quick and

efficient, quality work and will be there when you need him!


Patrick Enterprises (520) 360-4934
Rick is a great unlicensed handyman with good knowledge
of the tasks at hand.  Experienced, quick and reasonable.

Two Rakes and a Hoe  (520) 990-0577
J.R. is a great overall handyman and yard person.
2 man team is reasonable and reliable and can do
all sorts of odd jobs, big jobs, small jobs.  Very 

Pete the Handyman (520) 288-9643

Craftsman, reasonable, good worker

Eloy Stevens   (520) 405-3523

Eloy runs a great ship, very reliable, long on knowledge

and experience, very reasonable, big or small jobs,

full building contractor experience. 

T & C Services  (520) 250-7817

Thomas Hanenburg - Reasonable, reliable, comes
indirectly highly recommended.   

Get it Ready  (520) 303-1498
Local, family owned since 2000, kind of a "get it all done here" 
business.  Licensed and bonded, services include clean-up, 
debris removal, winterization, board-ups, securing property, 
prepping for sale, handyman repairs.

Anderson Maintenance  (520) 591-4734
Junk and debris removal, clean ups, clean outs,
hauling, REO preservation maintenance.  Comes
indirectly recommended

Home Cleaning Services:

The Maids  (520) 795-7977
Not to be confused with the other "maids" companies,
these folks have a good rep, quick and reliable.

A Maid to Order  (520) 790-3195

Comes indirectly highly recommended

Home Inspectors: 

Michael Williams Home Inspection (520) 324-0333
Michael Williams - 30 years experience, good photos, tools and 
explanations, fast reports, does pools too, excellent!

A-Z Home Inspections   (520) 444-1565
Matt Davison is quick and efficient, easy going, lots of experience, 
good photos and tools, very thorough, ultra-quick reports, reliable.

Brick by Bryck Home Inspection (520) 795-5300
Bryck Guibor has 30 years experience, knows lots about the older homes.

Does pools, too. Tends to explain as he goes, more personal interaction

than the average inspector. Inspections take slightly longer than average.

Inside Out Home Inspection  (520) 721-9575
Steve Gillespie has been at it for decades and has a strong 
handle on the business.  Quick reports, good photos, very
thorough.  Does pools too.

Abode Home Inspection (520) 743-1599  
Jim Josephson - Decades of experience, good photos

and explanations, excellent overall!

Home One Property Inspections (520) 749-6620  
Patrick Dunleavy - Decades of experience, good photos

and explanations, excellent overall!

Scott Home Inspection  (520) 909-7018
Scott and Janell Morales - husband and wife team - lots

of experience, excellent overall!  

Home products (good deals/local businesses):

Gerson's Used Building Materials (520) 624-8585
Like an auto junkyard, but for homes!  Some great finds 
with older fixtures and materials for those 1920's, 30's,
 40's and 50's homes you are restoring.
4726 S. Country Club (just south of I-10) 

Restore-TMM Family Services  (520) 326-1936
Like all used supply stores, some great bargains when
your timing is right.  Raw materials, doors, etc.
(TMM stands for Tucson Metropolitan Ministry)
2958 E. 22nd St. (just west of Country Club)

Habitat for Humanity Store (520) 889-7200
Hit the timing right and walk away with some
great deals.  Store accepts donations if you want
to liquidate your "junk"... monies go towards the 
Habitat for Humanity.
935 W. Grant Rd.  (near Fairview Ave.)

Handyman's Haven  (520) 624-7200
Like an Ace or TruValue but more interesting
and priced on doors, cabinetry, 
counter-tops, etc.  
1724 S. 6th Ave. (near 29th St.)

Bonnets, Stems & Accessories  (520)882-8349
Local plumbing supply wholesale/retail, easy
to find what you need, easy to get advice!
2606 N. 1st Ave. (between Grant & Glenn)

Tucson Rubberized Coatings (520) 790-6600
Elastomeric roof coatings made right here 
in Tucson.  Perfect for roof do-it-yourself-ers, 
top quality, low prices, various warranty grades,
step-by-step advice.
5355 E. 29th St. (near Craycroft)

Miracle Breeze Cooler Pads  (520) 624-5541
Convenient local family owned business making 
superior cooler pads since 1942!
1920 N. Oracle Rd. (South of Grant Rd.)

Outlet Electrical Supply  (520) 888-1648
Local electrical supply house with the electrical
 items you are looking for.  Good advice, too!  
1258 E. Prince Rd. (at Mountain Ave.)

Home Staging:

Hawaii Radke  (520) 240-7676
Hawaii has a good eye for staging, focuses mainly
on smaller homes, smaller jobs, easy and affordable!

Foothills Design & Development   (520) 631-9702

Loretta Nelson is great for staging!  Foothills and surrounding

Creative Staging & Re-Design  (520) 336-7097

Hilary Melville has a great handle on her business 
"turning vacant homes into Model Homes"!

Stage Tucson  (520) 850-5344
Local interior designer comes indirectly 
highly recommended.

HVAC (Heating-Ventilation-Air-Conditioning)

EMMCo HVAC (520) 733-9200

Owner/President Ed Sanaghan explains the process

as well as the best of them. Excellent on experience

and knowledge, easy to work with and reliable!

All American Arizona HVAC  (520) 850-7413

Alan Kudenchak runs the business as an owner/operator.  
Reasonably priced, good quality and service.

Family Air  (520) 399-5850

Great company, super knowledgeable and reliable!

Victor Amavizca HVAC (520) 623-9590

Victor runs a great ship, sales, service, 
repairs, reasonable!

Air Conditioning & Appliance Masters  (520) 888-7814

Mike Siewerth runs a good business, sales,
service and installation.  

D & H Air Conditioning & Heating  (520) 887-5531

Experienced company, very responsive and reliable.

D & S Air  (520) 743-3633

High quality firm, reliable, honest, long time in Tucson.  

Interior Design/Architectural Composition:

FORS Architecture + Interiors  (520) 795-9888
For interior design and conceptual ideas-of-the-day, this local firm is

tough to beat!  Sonya and Miguel provide fantastic input, are easy

to work with and have an impressive resume a mile long.  Wake up

your home with their imaginative and artful suggestions,

recommendations and advice!

Harris - Myers Design  (520) 906-6400
Don Harris and partner Robert have a keen eye and fresh outlook

to jump start your design in mind.  Lots of experience, easy to work with.  

Insurance for Homes:

Long Realty Co. Insurance (520) 918-6531
Competitively priced and ready to help!  Craig Lonabaugh is

experienced, knowledgeable and provides great service!

Farmer's Insurance (520) 319-2443
Darius Vasquez handles the business locally here,
great service, handles residential, commercial and
business insurance.

Lakeview Insurance (520) 704-8500

Andres Martinez is a great insurance agent!

Has a good handle on prices, programs!

Allstate  (520) 292-1001
Hard to beat the prices, particularly if you are wanting to 
package a few homes together.  Great service, free estimates.

American Family Insurance (520) 760-3760
Decent company, local branch comes indirectly highly 


New Desert Landscape  (520) 741-8210

One of Tucson’s best landscape operations! Run by

award-winning owners John and Barbara Stropko for

30 years, top landscape design and implementation, 

gardens, lawns, hardscape, water systems, trees,

tree-trimming, swimming pools, outstanding service

and reliability! 

Complete Landscape   (520) 323-8918
 A large operation, they can probably handle whatever 
irrigation, landscaping, tree trimming projects you may 
have in mind.  Reliable, local Tucson company.

Angel's Landscape   (520) 304-1478
Great for clean-up, weeding, etc.  Organized,
takes the business seriously,  many years doing.

Gardening Insights  (520) 603-2703
Greg Corman is truly a one of a kind local UA horticulturist with 
an unsurpassed knowledge and expertise of Tucson's native plants
and trees.  Specialty is consulting, you will not be dissatisfied!

Bartlett Tree Experts   (520) 628-9699

Quality outfit that is local and been around a long

time.  As their name asserts, they are the experts

when it comes to trees - trimming, removal, etc.!

Preferred Landscape Design (520) 328-9139
Richard Dimas is long on experience, tree removal, stump grinding, 
palm tree trimming, custom patios, bbq pits, decking, brick sidewalks.

Gerardo Serrana    (520) 358-3567
Great for clean-up, weeding, reasonable.

D'z Landscaping, Yard & Trash Removal  (520) 304-3524
Sergio Diaz is ready for you weeding, tree-trimming, 
hauling your junk away. 

Lending/Loan Officers:

Fairway Mortgage - Laura Tremaine  (520) 514-4228
Excellent loan officer, many years in the business and a long 
list of satisfied customers!  Someone you can depend on,
very people oriented, sharp and creative, outstanding service,
great rates!

Long Mortgage - Nathania Chaney (NMLSR ID 721424)  (520) 918-5210
Great service, super conscientious, excellent follow-up, and of
course, great rates!  Also excellent for re-financing!

People's Mortgage - Mike Omiecinski (520) 400-4458
Lots of experience, conscientious, super organized, an excellent loan
officer, local, great loan programs!

Sunstreet Mortgage - Barb Smith  (520) 977-3089
At it a long time, great service, conscientious, insightful,
local company, competitive rates!

Fairway Mortgage  
Catherine Ellinwood (520) 918-2104
Tony Poe (520) 209-2895
Fairway is a well managed local lender with 
competitive rates, knowledge and experience.
2 outstanding loan officers listed above.

VIP Mortgage
Buzz Dempsey (520) 444-3982
Matt Meister (520) 241-7669 
Yvette Villamana (520) 955-2606
VIP is a well managed local lender with
competitive rates, knowledge and experience.
3 outstanding loan officers listed above.

Summit Funding

Karen Fisher (520) 977-0214

Nova Home Loans
Marisa Rodriguez (520) 730-7706
Rich Hillman (520) 548-1555
Michael Palmer (520) 907-2056


Bruce's Lock Shop  (520) 795-7516
Great, centrally located company, very reliable!

AAA Lock 'n Key  (520) 889-9645
Will get you inside after everyone else has closed!

Carl's Lock & Key  (520) 575-0976

Moving Companies:

Horizon Moving Systems  (520) 747-1400
Very reliable, seem to have it down to a science!  
National company, local angle, very well run!

Citizens Transfer & Storage  (520) 623-6301
Local company, organized, reliable, has been 
around for decades!  Local or interstate moves.

Delivery Doctors  (520) 322-4488
Impressive local homegrown company has 
been around since '94.  Very well run!  

Around the Valley Moving Co.  (520) 498-5114
Young, energetic and reliable local 
company that won't disappoint.  

Two Men and a Truck (520) 299-6683
Worthy local franchised moving company 
comes indirectly highly recommended.

All My Sons Moving & Storage (520) 917-3302
Organized local company comes indirectly 
highly recommended.

Moving Help:

The Browns are Selling (520) 546-9797
Long-time local company that specializes
in helping you sell furniture, dishware, 
clothing and odds and ends that need 
getting out of the house prior to selling it.
They will normally do an estate-like sale 
for the merchandise over a weekend and
haul away the remaining items, and leave
the home clean and ready to sell.

Greater Tucson Fire Foundation (520) 250-8113

Patty Vallance does wonders for the foundation

coordinating volunteers and helping sell all of the

items for sale in your house with estate-like sales

during a weekend and then leaves the home clean,

ready to sell. Proceeds help support the firefighters

foundation health and wellness initiatives, while you

receive potentially helpful tax deductions.


Maggie's Farm    (520) 406-3529
Darrell is easy going, paints with knowledge,
is reliable, quick, and well priced!

Vic & Sons Painting  (520) 751-1653
Long time local painting company, good
work, big crew available for big jobs.

Press Painting  (520) 444-4112
Robert Press comes indirectly very highly 
recommended good quality, reasonably priced.

Country Sunset Painting (520) 256-5860
Hector Romero comes indirectly very highly
recommended with decades of experience.


WARREN PLUMBING (520) 603-0763

Wayne knows all types of plumbing repairs

and great at his profession. Reasonable and


PIMA DRAINS   (520) 975-3229

Larry is reliable and reasonable, great to have around to 
clear out those stopped up drains! 

Southern Arizona Plumbing (520) 303-8000

Overall, a good solid and reliable company!

 PAPA-GO PLUMBING  (520) 272-5154

Pete, the plumber, is great, reasonable
and reliable and provides quality work!

TEPCO  (520) 889-9669

Locally owned family business over 35 years.  Very reliable 
and trustworthy!

Expert Plumbing  (520) 326-5151
You have seen the distinctive older style panel trucks running 
around the central neighborhoods.  Trouble shooting 
experts, great reliablility and decent rates.

Silverado Plumbing  (520) 696-0000

24 hour availability, long time locally owned, excellent, reasonable and reliable!

Rush Rooter  (520) 229-0737 

Thomas Ballard, licensed plumber that does all plumbing, not

just rootering... not the cheapest around but explains the process

well, starts/finishes when promised.  

Pool Service:

Oasis Pools (520) 531-1610
This local company is reasonable and 
reliable for taking care of your pools, spas
and fountains.

Perfection Pools  (520) 885-8835
Good handle on the business, experienced, 
prompt service.

Aquarius Spas & Pools  (520) 544-0070
Jeff Doyle comes indirectly very highly recommended!

Cool Blue Desert Pool Service  (520) 838-1475
Good local company in business many years, 
under a new name.

Property Management:

Blue Fox Properties  (520) 780-7888
Steve Schultz runs a great company for looking to 
rent your house out, or looking to rent something
yourself.  Serving all of Tucson.

Lease with Ease (520) 808-6011
Adolfo Gonzalez, formerly a bilingual agent in our office, 
spear-heads this local company which offers property 
management, leasing, and leasing-to-own.

Acacia Partners    (520) 298-6600
Greg Horkey, formerly of Long Realty, is now full fledge 
into property management for the past several years running.  
Professional and reliable, serving central and eastside areas.

Tucson Realty & Trust Property Mgt.  (520) 577-7000
Large, local company that's been around for years.  Serving
all of Tucson.

The Nordstrom Group  (520) 299-5850
Debbie Nordstrom runs the ship over at the firm.
A well-run property management company.

Landon Management Services  (520) 465-1614

Kyle Birdno can help you with your property management

and handles all of Tucson.  Long time family owned

successful business will put you together.

RE/MAX RESULTS Property Mgt. (520) 891-7002
Betty Hannon runs a nice operation over at the 
RE/MAX RESULTS realty company.


Interior Trends Remodel and Design (520) 529-8459

Kathy and Kathy ("the 2 Kathys") design and

build stunning transformations for your home! 

Prince Contruction Co. (520) 310-6568
Charles "Buddy" Prince is the owner/contractor for
this fine company.  In business since 1970, and 
has a fantastic eye for upgrading older and
historic homes.  Super detailed, high quality 

Scott Schoenberger (520) 441-0869
Receptive, dependable, reasonable and reliable, 
as well as the subs he oversees.  Very professional,
overall excellent!

Dakota Builders (520) 792-0438
General Contractors, residential and commercial
reliable and experienced, huge list of satisfied customers.

Knipp Contracting  (520) 343-4220
Fred Leyvas runs a tight ship, complete with
great sub-contractors.  Reliable and efficient!

SHM Construction LLC  (520) 349-3761
Steve Miller is great at his game, remodeling, 
new construction, small jobs, creative ideas!

Nicholas Building (520) 977-3139
Michael Nicholas is a local, reliable,
centrally based residential remodeler.

McCaleb Construction (520) 323-2100
Gold standard of remodelers, was featured
on TV's "This Old House" when the crew remodeled
a home in Colonia Solana!

Rietz Construction  (520) 241-5485
General Contractor, small jobs OK, big jobs, too,
remodeling residential and commercial properties

Rocky and his Friends  (520) 603-1838
Rocky O' Malley is a local Tucsonan, easy to work with, 
wide range of expertise, gets the job done.  Reasonable 
and one of the best in the business. 


Blass & Sons Roofing  (520) 578-2993

Mike Blass has a long history of roofing and 

repairing the roofs of many local homeowners.

Honest, reliable and reasonable!

Alan Bradley Roofing (520) 885-3571
Long time local company, many satisfied customers,
honest, reliable and reasonable!

Arya Roofing  (520) 977-4100
Ali runs a great operation, reliable and 
easy going on the wallet.

Hallmark Roofing    (520) 297-0995

Trustworthy roofing company, reasonable

Crest Roofing  (520) 770-0000

Trustworthy roofing company, full service

local contractor and roofing team.   

Castle Roofing  (520) 749-4090
Full service roofing contractor, local, 
reliable and easy to work with.

Spencer Roofing  (520) 616-0181

Comes indirectly highly recommended 

Wampler Roof Coatings  (520) 307-5757

Comes indirectly highly recommended

Roof Tek (Formerly Jon's Precision Roofing) (520) 571-1805
Long time local company, good knowledge of all, 
flat, tile and shingle roofs, many satisfied customers.  

RoofSmart   (520) 797-5656

Good, solid company, reasonable and good work.

Roofsavers (520) 884-1288
Long time local company that specializes in 
repairing built-up reflective roofs.  Does not
re-roof or otherwise build new roofs. 

 Septic Services:

Gross Septic (520) 742-1369
Septic tank pumping, certifications, maintenance,
leach fields, etc. Detailed expanations from Brian,
excellent service and reliability!  

Old Pueblo Septic and Drain (520) 744-1100
Septic tank pumping, certifications, maintenance,
etc.  Old Pueblo is the old reliable one!  You will 
always notice their trucks rollin' through town.

Septic Services (520) 631-4192
Lucky for us, Jim Gill continues to diagnose, 
find solutions, and install new septic systems.  
Possibly the most knowledgeable person in his field, 
if you'll pardon the expression!


Tucson Surveying & Mapping  (520) 882-9392

Great company, Steve McLain is excellent, the company

is quite reasonable and reliable.

Everett Trueblood   (520) 981-1553
Comes indirectly highly recommended

Settlemeyer (Robin & Jon)  (520) 512-0666

Comes indirectly highly recommended

Structural Engineering:

Tomasso Engineering  (520) 748-0994
Indirectly comes well recommended.

Broderick Engineering (520) 887-9416
Indirectly comes well recommended.

Rick Kaiser (520) 742-0773
Indirectly comes well recommended

Steven Van Loan (520) 260-1397
Indirectly comes well recommended

Termite & Pest Control:

Termagon, Inc.  (520) 322-9211
Very reliable, responsive and easy going on 
the budget.  Inexpensive termite reports for 

Executive Pest Control  (520) 219-9400
Very reliable, responsive, long on experience, 
easy on the wallet!  Inexpensive termite reports

for escrow.

Gecko Pest Management (520) 579-1701
A local and reliable pest control company 
with integrity, great experience and knowledge!

Southwest Pest Solutions  (520) 339-2433

Great company, treats a wide variety of varmints!

Dorado Pest Control  (520) 429-2542

Long time local company very reliable and


United Services Pest Control (520) 296-7738

Trustworthy and easy on the wallet!

Fletcher's Termite Control   (520) 269-6511

Great pest control company.  Reliable and

quite reasonable!

Windows - Cleaning:

Jones Window Works (520) 488-4692
Comes indirectly highly recommended!

Better View Window Washing  (520) 917-3333
Comes indirectly highly recommended!

Windows - Repair and Installation:

Pacific Glass & Window  (520) 235-2083
Window replacement experts, very reliable, 
good prices!  

Geronimo Limited (520) 294-1466
Local company matches replacement windows, 
repairs, and new windows, fairly decent rates.

Glassman (520) 624-2664
A local and reliable window contact 
for repairs and new windows.

Wrought Iron Products:

Custom Metal Design    (520) 388-4888
Ricardo Quiroz has been at it for decades, you won't
be dissatisfied.  Ornamental designed wrought iron 
doors, gates, fences, etc.  

Mendez Wrought Iron  (520) 294-9920
Ernest Mendez runs a great business, good
contact for retro-fitting windows with security
bars to comply with fire safety quick releases.

"1031" Exchanges:

Leverage Exchange Group, LLC (520) 979-8256
Brigitte Echave is fantastic and has been at it locally for years. For
all of you investors out there, she knows the ins and outs of the 
1031-tax-deferred exchange as well as anyone!

IPX Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc. (602) 793-1558 
Dave Tornell is super, about as knowledgeable as they come for 
investing strategies, tax deferrment and 1031 Exchanges!

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